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Irish Tax Refunds

Revenue Commissioners in Ireland operate within a very complex system and do not process and release tax refunds unless you forward the correct information to them.

It is important that you engage our professional services to allow us to obtain the tax refund that you are entitled to.
Tax Refunds For Paye Employee’s are mainly based upon the following:


Employment Expenses Tax Credits

People working in certain occupations in Ireland receive additional tax credits to meet some expenses relating to employment in Ireland


Rent Relief Tax Refund

If you are living in privately rented accommodation in Ireland, you can avail of a Rent Relief Tax Credit. The tax refund is calculated based on your age and marital status. The maximum potential rent tax refund is 20% of your rental costs


Medical Expenses Tax Refund

• Doctor or hospital visits
• Prescription drug expense
• Physio,
• Non routine Dental expense
Whether the expense was incurred in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU.


Mortgage Interest Relief

Mortgage Interest Relief is granted against the interest portion of your mortgage payments for your primary residence in Ireland, with the tax saving at a rate of 20% of the interest paid.


Trade Union Subscription Tax Refund

Members of Trade Unions in Ireland can claim a Tax Credit for their membership, known as a Trade Union Tax Credit.


PRSI/Health Levy paid in Ireland: Tax Refunds

PRSI and Health Levy are deducted directly from your Salary. If you’re income is below the annual tax free amount, you will be due a tax refund.


Working Holiday in Ireland Tax Refunds

If you worked in Ireland for part of the year or had a second job, you may be due a tax refund.